LCM(LifeCycle Manager)

  • Update the credentials there. 


  • Log in to vRops as an admin
  • Browse to Administration>  Solutions >Cloud accounts > Click on the vCenter edit
  • Click on the edit icon for the credentials 
  • Update the password in the field


  • Log into the vRA org URL:  https://vraFQDN/vcac/org/ORG_NAME as the tenant admin or the infrastructure administrator. 
  • navigate to Infrastructure > endpoint > Edit the vCenter endpoint.
  • Update the credentials under the username password
  • Note: If integrated credentials check box is enabled, vRA uses the service account  used in IAAS (domain account)

vRO (embeded and/or External):

  • Navigate to  vRO Https://vRo_ip/vCo
  • Login with the administrator account.
  • Navigate to Library>Workflow and search for “Update a vCenter Server instance” workflow.
  • Click on “Update the log-in properties”
  • Fill in the update password for user and click on RUN
  • Note: If you have custom vCenter Certificates, you will need to click on the notification icon (on the left top) and allow follow the “waiting for input prompt”

Log Insight:

  • Navigate to the log insight URL, Switch over to the administration page (from the left top)
  • Under integration, click on vSphere, and click on edit and fill in the password
  • Click on test connection and save (on the top) when done.

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