Registering replication appliance to vCenter fails with “no element found: line 1, column 0”

Cause: Corrupt/missing ovfenv.xml

Log on to the vR appliance console session and run the below command:

ls -lth /opt/vmware/etc/vami/

f the ovfenv.xml is 0, power down the replication appliance and power (do not perform a guest restart) this back up using the web client (must be powered up on the web client)

If the file still does not regenerate, you will re-deploy the replication appliance.

VMware Pubs::

  1. If powering the vSphere Replication appliance does not resolve the issue, most certainly the appliance has been temporarily removed and re-added in the vCenter Server. There is no solution for restoring the OVF environment in that case. You must re-deploy the vSphere Replication appliance by using an empty database, and configure all replications from scratch.

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