Resource [/resources/compute/e730e5b7-bd12-4803-809e-2d9655c0f448]:: Salt configuration CREATE with job id [5bae15fe-6903-42cb-b915-193b6d5e9d97] failed. Error:: : Minion deployment successful. JID - 20211202152858391410


On salt-config > jobs , look for the deploy.minion task. This was a success in my case.

Re-ran the deployment, once the machine is provisioned and customization is successful (has IP when viewing VM from the vCenter view), open the console and I took a look at /etc/salt/minion

Here, the line: master: photon-machine is clearly wrong.

looking at the grains on the salt-config UI, we see the same grains:

restart salt-master and salt-minion service.
and then take a look at the grains on the CLI

salt saltmaster grains.get fqdn

Now, refresh grains

salt saltmaster saltutil.refresh_grains

and then take a look at the UI (in about a min time)

what that sorted, deploying new VM’s via VRA with the saltify driver now works!!

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