Symptoms: vRA patching failed and is now stuck with a patch in the repository, the remove button does not do anything, the retry button is grayed out:

Note: Its always recommended that you take a powered off snapshot of all the nodes before patching and before performing the below:

  • Take a powered off  snapshot of all the vRA nodes and the IAAS nodes, Take an IAAS DB (sql db backup) (power everything down and take a snapshot, not a rolling power off)
  • Power them back up in order, once the services are up and registered proceed with the below: 
  • on every vcac (vra) nodes, Delete the contents of /usr/lib/vcac/patches folder (rm -rf /usr/lib/vcac/patches/*)
  • Check if the file “/opt/vmware/share/htdocs/service/cafe/patch_upload.lock” is present, if yes delete.
  • go back to vami and confirm if it allows uploading the patch, upload and then patch

Clean up vcac DB:

su postgres
/c vcac

delete from hf_execution_cmd;
delete from hf_patch_execution;

delete from hf_patch_nodes;
delete from hf_patch;

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