IP ALLOCATE failed: Action run failed with the following error: (‘Error allocating in network or range: Failed to generate hostname. DNS suffix missing’, {})

Earlier this week, I was trying to integrate my test vRA deployment with Infoblox and all deployments failed with the error: When looking at the Extensibility tab > action runs > (filter) change from user runs to all runs and look for a failed action: Infoblox_AllocateIP. There are 2 ways to remediate this. Workaround 1: […]

VMware PowerCli installation fails

VMware powerCli installation fails with the below: Workaround: install PowerShell by skipping publisher checks: Cause: This is due to the fact that the certificate we used to sign the modules was replaced with a new one from a new publisher. 

SaltConfig multi-node scripted/automated Deployment Part-2

Topology Prerequisites: you must have a working salt-master and minions installed on the Redis/Postgres and the RAAS instance. Refer SaltConfig Multi-Node scripted Deployment Part-1 Dowload SaltConfig automated installer .gz from https://customerconnect.vmware.com/downloads/details?downloadGroup=VRA-SSC-862&productId=1206&rPId=80829 Extract and copy the files to the salt-master. In my case, I have placed it in the /root dir the automated/scripted installer needs additional […]

Usage meter 4.5 API walkthrough

Greetings!!,I am writing this based on a popular request by partners. API specification/tempalte Usage meter API guide: https://developer.vmware.com/apis/1206/vcloud-usage-meterusage meter OpenAPI specification: Click here to download JSON or use the below: You can find the openAPI specification on the API guide link > Documentation: We will be using this JSON with postman. Import template to postman […]